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MOTORINO XPi looks like a bike from the future. It is elegant, sexy and undoubtedly electric. This bike will turn heads wherever it goes.

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MOTORINO XPi looks like a bike from the future. It is elegant, sexy and undoubtedly electric. This bike will turn heads wherever it goes.

The stylish dashboard and lights are fully incorporated into the body revealing a fluid but retro style.

Given the space age design, this bike will come in two exciting hydrographic wrapping styles: the Milky way and a nebula Galaxy. We will also offer this bike in both a matte black and a frosty blue and pink style.

The performance of this bike is no less impressive than its attractive look. It comes equipped with a state of the art Sine wave controller giving the bike enough power to outperform a 50cc gas scooter and handle the steepest roads. The Sine-Wave controller makes this bike not only more efficient but also completely silent. The energy losses with this controller are minimal. This reduces heat generation considerably as well as extending the life of the driving system. We are excited to offer you a five year warranty on this controller.

As with all Motorino scooters, the Motorino XPi is equipped with a regenerative braking system and dual hydraulic disk brakes with ABS pressure valves. The magnetic brakes also ensure a very smooth braking experience that will prevent wheel-locking.

Under the shell the Motorino XPi is built on a robust steel chassis that delivers a solid, stable, and comfortable ride.

The security features of the XPi include a lockable steering wheel and a vibration sensitive alarm. When the alarm is activated, the rear wheel can be electronically locked ensuring a greater level of security for your bike.

The XPi also features:

  • Tubeless DOT approved motorcycle grade tires, a 12V plug for charging a cell phone on the go or for inflating your tires with the compressor that is included with your purchase
  • A bluetooth connection to your controller allowing it to be accessed from your smartphone
  • A bluetooth MP3 player that can play directly from your smart phone
  • A USB charging port

Finally, consider the optional lithium-ion battery upgrade: both the range of this bike and its uphill performance will considerably increase.

Included Accessories

  • Riding rain cape
  • USB charging port

Optional Accessories

  • GPS tracker
  • Chain lock
  • Alarmed disk brake lock
  • Wheel lock
  • Helmet
  • Goggles
  • Windshield
  • Rain cover
  • Cup holder
  • Hand warmers

Additional information

Dimensions67 in

Black, Red, White

Top Performance

32km/h (governed as per vehicle class regulation)

Max Torque

100 Nm


60V 20A-h sealed lead-acid (SLA) main


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