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The process examines the bicycle and rider interface, and takes into account your individual anatomy, flexibility, range of motion, and riding style to make the bike fit the rider for the use you want.

In most cases the bike fit can be performed on a bike that you already own, or alternatively it can be done at the same time as buying a new bike so you can be sure that the bike is right for you from the start.

From minor maintenance to major repairs, our team of experienced mechanics is ready to serve your needs.

Tire Services‏

Tire Replacement

Remove and Replace front or rear tire.


Tire tube replacement

A flat tire can usually be repaired. We’ll be happy to get you up.


Need a new front rim

Remove and replace front rim $85hr + parts

Replace motor

Diagnose engine failure and remove and replace if required $85/hr +parts

Controller replacement

Diagnose controller failure and remove and replace if required $85/hr +parts

Wiring harness replacement

Diagnose wiring problems and remove and replace wiring harness $85/hr + parts

Replace headlight Assembly

Remove and replace headlight as required $85/hr +parts

Replace signal, headlight, taillight bulbs

Remove and replace bulbs $85/hr + parts

Replace ignition switch

Remove and replace ignition switch $85/hr + parts

Battery replacement

Diagnose battery problems and remove and replace if required $85/hr + parts

Brake replacement

Remove and replace front or rear brake shoes $85/hr + parts.

Disc Brake replacement

Remove and replace disc brake pads $85/hr + parts

Disc brake fluid change

Flush, re-fill brake fluids and inspect calipers $85/hr +parts

Replace drum brake cables

Remove and replace drum brake cables $85/hr + parts

Replace throttle

Diagnose, remove and replace throttle assembly as required $85/hr + parts.

Dashboard replacement

Remove and replace digital or analog dash module $85/hr + parts

We provide a variety of inspection services to help you pass state inspection and assist you in buying used vehicles.

Types of Cars We Inspect‏


Ceritified KGEEZ dealer


Repair and service all GIO models


Certified TAO TAO dealer